The process of figuring out a property's worth, whether it be a residential or commercial property, is called real estate valuation. It's an essential phase in real estate investment and estate management because it aids in the decision-making process for investors, buyers, sellers, and property owners.


Property valuers

Who are chartered surveyors, employ a variety of techniques to determine a property's value. 

One such method is the revenue stream method, which computes a property's value using a capitalization rate and the income the property generates.

A different approach is the cost of construction method, which calculates a property's worth by factoring in building expenses and deducting depreciation.

The real estate market is important in evaluating a property's worth, since supply and demand can influence property prices.


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The subject property is examined during the valuation process in order to establish its value. Professional associations like RICS Red Book, which offers direction on the valuation procedure and valuation reports.

Detailed descriptions of the property, including its location, size, condition, and any pertinent elements that might have an impact on its value, are frequently included in valuation reports. It provides market value estimation for the property and explanation of the methodologies employed for appraisal.



Real estate market

The real estate market is significant in evaluating a property's worth, since supply and demand can influence property prices. Property appraisal is a key component of real estate investment. Investors estimate a property's future cash flows and figure out its present worth using techniques like the discounted cash flow approach.



Commercial property assessment

Commercial property assessment is more difficult than residential property value, since it necessitates an in-depth knowledge of the market and the prospective revenue streams for the property. Engaging a property valuer who specializes in commercial property appraisal is therefore imperative.


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Today, properly valuing your house or apartment is essential, insofar as potential buyers are better informed than before.

Indeed, with the Internet, they can consult thousands of real estate advertisements, and therefore compare real estate between them. In addition, they follow real estate news and therefore know the market situation: real estate prices in each city and district, average price of houses and apartments, selling times, etc. The seller will be able to find in the real estate agent the best ally to succeed in the sale of his property